Free your Brakes to Break FreeTM

Workshop on Mindfulness

The world of stress, worries & noise inflicts upon us a mind full of clutter & chaos. If anything needs decluttering, its our minds. Unfortunately our mindset and beliefs are in conflict. Our success or failure largely depends on our own beliefs. Individual’s uniformed biases can be a big hindrance in growth. You get held back by the Brakes of old patterns & old ways of thinking. To be more creative you need to Free your Brakes to sculpt a safe environment that evokes ‘wellness and ‘mindfulness,’ not toxic ‘mindlessness,’ caused by confusion, fear, and stress. Mindfulness is the essential ingredient for developing a creative thinking, self-sufficient workforce, who are engaged, firing on all cylinders and ready for radical change and fearless action.

Free you Brakes to Break Free TM is our cornerstone program that helps teams & individuals to break free from their patterns, inhibitions, beliefs & problems where you will not only take back control of your life by changing your limiting beliefs, thoughts and actions but also will:

  • Create miraculous relationships to enhance happiness
  • Remove stress to improve physical & mental health
  • Gain power of the possibility by pushing pas the barrier of failure
  • Learn to manage Mindfulness in every situation of life
  • Eliminate your blocks to creative & constructive thinking
  • Learn how to be in happy state of mind unconditionally

Free you Brakes to Break Free TM is an immersion seminar where you should expect a fun, dynamic, interactive learning experience complete with music, video & activities.

"Take Away - Best of Yourself”

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