Meet Suren

Suren’s thought provoking approach breaks the static belief system and are conceived for letting go firstly of the stress accumulated in the body and in the mind. His workshops create the conditions for the birth of a new type of human being.

Suren's Core Strengths are:
  • Sales & Leadership Trainings
  • Motivating
  • Business Consulting
  • Master Trainer for 'Free Your Brakes to Break Free'

Suren’s as a Business Consultant helps to align the organization’s culture and competencies to their future goals. His thought provoking ideas and innovative approach to problem solving has transformed organizations and people to scale up.

He is a Master in Management Studies from Kurukshetra University, India. After initial 5 years with disciplined Indian Air Force life he has also worked with All India Radio as a Radio Jockey before venturing into Corporate World where he managed Business & Human Capital Development for over 18 Years , the majority of his experience is working in highly competitive industries. Besides starting his professional journey as a front liner, leading teams, heading organizations, he also had opportunities to start up and established organizations.

Suren specializes in 'Real World' training, where the focus is firmly on finding solutions that work in the business environment. His unique “CASH” workshops on sales has helped many individuals in creating more pipeline, more in-depth client interactions, and bigger deals. His comprehensive suites of training & consulting services has helped organizations to retain customers, boost top-line revenue, and maintain reasonable profit margins.

Founder & Chief Consultant

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