Leadership Development

Helping frontline or middle managers and senior leaders build the skills critical to leading teams to success on the job.

Leadership Development - Course Outline

Managing Performance
- Motivating team members who struggle to adapt to new priorities
- Maintaining productivity during times of change
- Driving towards a performance-based culture to achieve organizational goals

Coaching and Feedback
- Coaching to higher levels of performance
- Overcoming resistance to change and managing team dynamics
- Leading through challenging situations and developing high-performers

Coaching for Consistency
- Effectively coaching managers of others in the area of consistent people   leadership
- Establishing the value proposition of adhering to organizational policies and processes
- Communicating the importance of tailoring leadership approaches to personality styles

Delegation and Team Development
- Delegating to develop the team and generate improved business results
- Coaching for higher levels of engagement and the retention of top talent
- Emphasizing long-term development as critical to effective career building

Engaging Team Members
- Recognizing how engagement can impact performance, and identifying the root cause of a performance gap
- Identifying when team members are disengaged and best practices to re-engage them
- Balancing long-term individual and team objective


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