Business Simulation Workshops

Tailored & Highly Customised Simulations specific to your business and strategic priorities

In the complex and uncertain business environment, managers need to look out- ward and account for rapidly evolving trends. In a 2 days business simulation workshop the focus would is to make the participants realise the pitfalls in plan- ning & execution and also help them build business acumen to develop logical business plans ensuring risk mitigation & profitability.

In this Business Case Simulation participants step into the shoes of a stakeholder and take decisions spanning Sales, HR, Finance, Marketing, R&D with an objective of maximizing net profits. The simulation tests the participants on concepts revolving around P&L management, operational decision- making and strategic execution.

We define Business Acumen as the deep and applicable understanding of the system of how a business executes its’ strategy to achieve it’s goals and objectives. Business Acumen includes a thorough understanding of the “levers” that create, position, and deliver a value proposition to customers and how you measure success through profitability, cash flow, and shareholder value.

Specifically, Business Acumen is embraced by all of the functions and people within a business organization. 

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