Increase Your Competitive Advantage

We hear a lot about being positive. Maybe we also need to recognize that the negative parts of our lives and experience have just as important a role to play in finding success, in work and in life.
  • Millions of students pass out every year from Education Institutes. Students are qualified in their respective domains with a bit of exposure from Industry in form of Guest Lectures, Company Tours, Internships etc. Few of them are able to create competitive advantage for themselves in terms of scores. In today’s tough economic climate and competitive scenario every individual need to ‘compete smart’ to stay a step ahead.
  • Competition is something you need to deal with at every stage in your personal and professional life. From the time you get up in the morning until the time you go to the bed at night, you are continually negotiating, communicating, persuading, influencing and trying to get people to cooperate with you to do the things you want them to do. If you do not have a competitive advantage you would either choose not to compete or succumb to competition. In both the situations you would either miss or loose opportunities.
  • We at ETC a training and consulting company having a real time exposure in corporate understand what do they really look for in prospective candidates. We understand the gap in terms of what they want and what you have? “Increase Your Competitive Advantage" unique workshop we will prepare you to not only create a competitive advantage for yourself but also maintain it through out your life to be extremely successful.
  • In this experiential “IYCA Workshop” program you will learn to:
  • Tailor your approach and thought process in every situation to create an advantage for yourself
  • Get a preferred and favourable response in an interview
  • Present yourself impact fully but with ease at all business & job deals
  • Create a cohesive and forceful impression to be an agent of influence
  • Persuade others in the direction that you want them to go
  • Enhance your scope of getting more opportunities in life
  • Learn to scale up and grow in your career & business
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