Management Consulting

Energizing & Aligning Performance Plans with Organizational Goals

Studies show that most businesses (MSMEs) never achieve the goals the owners had for them when they first started out. The owner is unable to grow the business beyond the dependency on themselves and key people in the organization. There are problems with keeping the workflow running smoothly and consistently. Efficiency is only happening through 20% of the employees and they’re working as hard as they can. Things seem to be chaotic and out-of-control.

To Scale up, A business must implement standard operating procedure for
  • Human Capital Management
  • Training & Development
  • Task delegation & Action Planning
  • Result Measurement
  • Culture of Accountability
  • Internal & External Customer Satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement by removing obstacles

The business owner and key managers should ideally spend 6-7 hours week working ON the business processes. Only in this way will the business be able to replicate the skill and efficiency of the key people and in doing so create a business that is dependent upon the business processes as opposed to the key employees in the business.

With that in mind, most business owners begin the systematization process and fail. They are unable to systematize their business because they don't have a systematization plan. This is not a business plan, although that is also a very important tool in the development of any business. The systematization plan is an approach for discovering, prioritizing, documenting, implementing and managing all of the processes in your business.

At ETC we consult, coach and help businesses systematize them.

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