Learning Interventions

"Learning interventions are effective only to the extent that the skills and behaviors learned and practiced during training are actually transferred to the workplace"

Intervention Process

Some training may be mandatory in relation to health and safety or occupation-specific issues but much of it will be discretionary where organizations appreciate the added value that they will gain from having highly skilled and knowledgeable employees. Our ROI & ROE based learning intervention is to ensure that an organization's employees are able to deliver what they are expected to.

A detailed Dashboard is created, updated and shared with stakeholders on fortnightly/monthly basis to demonstrate the value added post training.

ROE - (Return On Expectations) The success of the intervention can be assessed by looking at the extent to which these expectations have been met; thus relying on carefully constructed and specified expectations to reduce ambiguity. We therefore let stakeholders evaluate the training outcomes in terms of what they expect it to be able to do after undertaking the intervention.

POST Workshops

We work with our clients to ensure on-going, customized support after a workshop concludes. This can include, for instance, follow up training sessions, discussion groups, and follow up quizzes.

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